As the Co-founder and Senior Scientist of “The Health Factory Solutions, Inc.”, I want to thank the staff at “NutraLaws” for not only helping us get our literature and new labels for both our human and pet products compliant with FDA, USDA, and FTC regulations, but also doing so in such a professional, timely, and affordable manner.   We realize that because of the field we are in, how imperative it is to be vigilant and 100% compliant with everything that we do in regards to our present as well as future

Dr. Robert Berger, MS, MVSc, PhD. “The Health Factory Solutions, Inc “(Stomacin-U)

endeavors with our food products, supplements and nutraceuticals; we at The Health Factory Solutions know that we can depend on “NutraLaws” to ensure this for us.

Before we found your company, we were totally reliant on extremely high-priced FDA law firms and their attorneys to review our products, labels, and supporting literature and materials.   One attorney charged us five thousand dollars to simply pick up the phone and begin proceedings!   I, as an experienced research scientist, can honestly say that besides “NutraLaws” accomplishing what we specifically needed at literally a fraction of the cost of the law firm, your staff was more professional, thorough, easier to reach and work with, and more knowledgeable about the majority of the issues at hand.   As a scientist, it is very important to me that your backgrounds encompass the fields of Nutrition Science, Supplementation, and Labeling Compliance, which attorneys who specialize in this type of practice most often lack.   Because of the way you have helped and the professionalism you have shown in working with us, I feel that you are an integral part of our team, and would recommend your services to any company.

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