The Team

Amber Needham

Is a certified nutritionist with years of experience in the dietary supplement industry. Amber has served in roles ranging from research support to sales and marketing to product and website

For the last 25 years Amber has helped industry advocates such as Gary Null and the Life Extension Foundation protect consumer’s rights to have access to dietary supplements.

Vincent Annunziata

Vince has extensive experience and knowledge of the Dietary Supplement Health and Education Act (DSHEA) including labeling compliance and the creation and substantiation of structure function claims.

Vince has advised both large and small innovative supplement companies and has contributed
to several industry publications including Whole Foods Magazine, ICIS Chemical Business, and Nutraceuticals World.

Before beginning his regulatory career, Vince was an executive at Life Extension Foundation where he served as President of the Life Extension Buyers Club and supervised a staff of sixteen health advisors and doctors.

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